can we please stop with the vines making fun of mentally disabled people ok?? i mean don’t people think some stuff is a little too far??

Ri | 東京喰種 呗

Ri | 東京喰種 呗

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my godparents are really hood & so are all their friends & it’s my godmother’s birthday & this is the kind of shit being posted on her fb wall

I could see you as head cheerleader dating the quarterback. You're pretty, but you're a bitch, but I still like you. :)

I could never be a cheerleader nigga i can’t even run

if i were dating you…

your parents sou;d think i killed you weekly cause after I’m done with baby girl you aint walking no where for a while nah mean?

What makes you want/like him now?

well he’s a lot cuter now for one

i dunno why i like him….he’s just…nice :3

What was your bf like in high school then? Did you wanna fuck him? :)

i didn’t know him when he was in high school but here he is on the left

i wouldn’t have wanted him tbh

it’s 4 in the morning 

my boyfriend is going to wake up to these

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